Superheroine Pro-Style! Power Girl VeVe Dominates Wonder Aralia

Power Girl VeVe puts Wonder Woman Aralia through the wringer in this superheroine pro-style wrestling bout!
Power Girl and Wonder Woman square off for a fight training session, but when Power Girl takes away Wonder Woman’s lasso, poor Wonder Woman finds she’s absolutely powerless to stop Power Girl’s attacks. It’s a total superheroine squash match.
While commenting on the importance of hand-to-hand combat training, Power Girl VeVe works Wonder Aralia over with the following holds and lifts: Fireman’s Carry, Camel Clutch, Lotus Lock, Full Nelson, against-the-wall facesit (aka Rikishi stinkface), classic reverse facesit and matchbook pin, Venus Flytrap, kneeling surfboard, Pretzel hold, belly-sit lotus, Ceiling Hold (Romero), Reverse Romero, hip throw, bodyscissors, TortureRack lift, DragonSleeper, Over-the-knee back-breaker, standing headscissors, Bow and Arrow hold, STF, single leg crab, and Sharpshooter. Whew! A rough day for Wonder Aralia, who can only gasp, groan, grimace, and protest in the punishing holds.
But that’s not all. Since Wonder Aralia keeps making excuses that she’d do better with her lasso, Power Girl VeVe finally gives it to her… but only after Wonder Aralia has given up the fight. Power Girl gives back the lasso by roping Wonder Woman up into a quick hogtie! Wonder Aralia can only shake her head in indignation as Power Girl VeVe stands above her with a self-satisfied victory pose.
One-sided Pro-Style wrestling domination. The ladies wear shiny suntan tights with their superheroine outfits. Aralia has natural hairy armpits
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