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In today_s Episode of FETLEAGUE, Supergirl catches Lex Luthor close to capturing the Kryptonite stone of Mind Control. SHe got there right in time, or that_s what she thought, as Lex proves too crafty and quickly uses the Stone on her, rendering her completely mindless and at his complete mercy. Lex has always had the most dastardly plans for Supergirl and now he has her ready to do anything his mind commands with a simple click of his fingers. Just how deep is Luthor_s carnal desires for Supergirl? he has always wanted a Super Heir….&nbsp&nbspClip Features: Superheroines, Super Villians, Magic Control, Female Training, Virtual Sex, Virtual Footjob, de-booting, barefeet, Virtual Blowjob, Groping, Special FX, Music, Supergirl keeps on clothing for entire clip but exposes both pussy and breasts.
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