Super Turned On Supergirl sexuality dominates her boyfriends mistress Ama Rio (hd)

Superwoman (Cali Logan) is getting all ready to snuggle up in her abode and wait for her boyfriend to come on by and use his super strength on her to take her to the moon and back. As she lies in bed, in comes a new superheroine dressed in a tight black crop top and short shorts looking for him as well! When Superwoman sees this new intruder come flying in, she gets up and questions her on who she is! The new woman says her name is Ama and she’s waiting for her boyfriend to show up so they can have fun together.

Disgusted, Supergirl tells Ama there’s no way she’s taking her boyfriend out on a date because he belongs to her, which Ama scuffs at and insists she’s not mistaken. Ama refuses to leave and Superwoman says she’s going to have to kick Ama’s ass and does exactly that!

Superwoman and Ama trade solid hard knees to each other up against the wall. Even though they admit the other’s strength, they refuse to leave until only one of them is standing for their man to come fly in and sweep them off their feet! Superwoman is able to kick Ama’s butt so hard that it causes Ama to fall to the floor as Ama decides to try to call a truce and figure out if this guy is even worth them kicking each other’s asses for. It’s apparent he’s cheating on them with the other and there’s no way they’re going to let that slide much longer! They get up onto the bed and think about seeing someone else who will take better care of their needs and they soon realize how hot they are turned on for each other!

Without wasting any more time, Superwoman and Ama lock lips and rub each other’s bodies down from head to toe, realizing that they don’t need some cheating superhero in their lives to make them happy! Their lust building for one another, they start to fondle each other’s breasts and thighs through each other’s clothes and it slowly turns into a sexy grind as they trib along one another and their moans get louder as a meteoric orgasm escapes the both of them! Completely spent and spooning, they decide that they can bring each other many nights of pleasure and no cheating supermen are required!
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