Super Ninja Showdown! ORIGINS: The Final Showdown

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sumiko, Nicole Oring, Eden
and (introducing!!!) Kat Van Wylder
After years of never-ending strife, violence, and PG-13 nudity the factions comprised of the Supers (lead by Jacquelyn Velvets) and the Ninjas (headed by Sumiko) do battle for the last time! For this climax, Jacquelyn comes armed to the teeth with two powerful minions (Eden and brand new fighter Kat Van Wilder), and the trio have already captured the stunning Nicole Oring, second only to Sumiko herself! They torture the lovely fighter, knocking her unconscious.only to suddenly meet the Sandman after ninja Sumiko lands some killer blows too fast for the human eye to see! A few twists and turns (as well as the use of Sumiko’s magic ring) leads to the removal of super-suits and a display of gorgeous pantyhose-clad bodies on the ground. It soon becomes apparent that Sumiko and Nicole have a lot of built up tension to deal with, but the two do stop to deal out more KOs on the over-powered Supers, until a MAJOR argument gives Miss Velvets the edge she needs to finally put a definitive END to the biggest rivals she’s ever known.all while ditching her crew and striking out on her own as the city’s brand new badass!
This movie contains punch out KOs, neck chop KOs, sleeper hold KO, kick KO, nerve pinch KO, sai temple drill KO, pressure point heart punch KO, chop stick pressure point KOs, neck chop KOs, humiliating body piles, over the shoulder carry
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