Super Heroine in a Close Call!! Vol.97: Shinobinger, Shinobi White

Mio Kamishiro
Yurihime, the princess of the Shinobi clan, learns that the Mayakashi clan, a clan of youkai that seeks to destroy humans, has been resurrected and tries to get five Shinobingers together. Only Shinobingers can defeat the Mayakashi clan. As Yurihime tries to gather her fellows, the Mayakashi clan of youkai stand in her way. Yurihime transforms into Shinobi White and kicks her enemies to the curb, but she struggles against the sorcery of Princess Murasaki, daughter of the Gasha King, king of the Mayakashi clan, and is captured. Murasaki plays with Shinobi White before handing it over to the Gasha King…[HAPPY ENDING]
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