Summoning The Lesbian Succubus

Violet Monroe & Dixie Comet
Violet is in her bedroom touching herself sensually. She plays with her hard nipples, licking her fingers and wetting them. She slides her fingers into her panties and gently touches her dripping wet pussy. Stripping out of her bra and panties she shoves her fingers deep in her mouth getting them nice and wet and starts fingering her pussy while fantasizing of a dark, mysterious woman. As she rubs her clit and brings herself to orgasm, the dark woman magically appears in her room, drawn to her intense lesbian sexual cravings. They kiss passionately and then the Succubus slides down between Violet’s legs and begins to lick her pussy. She tongues and sucks on her clit until she is having another orgasm. She climbs to her mouth to kiss her again but this time she magically sucks all of the sexual energy out of her mouth leaving her still and limp. But the Succubus isn’t done with Violet, she’s not there to consume her but to transform her. She strips out of her own bra and panties and then blows her own magical sexual energy into Violet, transforming her into a magical creature of sexual energy just like herself. Violets eyes shoot open and glow as she gasps air into her lungs. Filled with a frantic lesbian sexual energy, she sits up suddenly and pushes herself onto the Succubus, diving between her legs and satisfying her own sexual craving with her mouth on her pussy and tongue on her clit. The succubus has her own powerful orgasm and then they two women kiss again, a newfound pair on a new magical adventure together.
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