Summon of Vampire Goddess and Payment for this

Hi Arthur,

You will act as a camera man looking for an actress for his vampire movie, and you met Tia. After shooting a few scene, trying to activate an altar to summon a vampire, you find out that you really summon a real vampire that take out Tia’s soul. After that, she trying to seducing you, have sex with you, and the rest you already know πŸ˜€

I don’t know much about details, i think the first part is 5 or 10 mins is ok? And second part 10 more mins?

That “bit more” i know you are an expert not me, just like the clip you and Tia made before. The different is now she only show her fangs and nails just a moment before she ‘s going to bite.

And the reaction of you maybe like this when you find out that Tia is a real vampire not fake.

Just imagine of the scene when you try the tools for her to become the vampire on-screen but after that when you are hpntzd by her and surprising recognize that she is real and do not need the tools but you willingly to d** because of her vampire beauty…

After some sex scene, you find out that she transformed to a vampire with long nails… you asked her and she answer that costume for vampire scene, and with her beauty, you cannot resist with no doubt that she is really a real vampire,

and ofcourse after that she suck you dry like the first clip (really love it!!!)

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