Sumiko Experiments With Nicole

It’s movie night for Sumiko and Nicole. During an abduction scene, Sumiko is reminded of her fetish for

chlor*forming and passing out, but never actually telling anyone about it. She slowly confesses to Nicole and asks her

to put her out with some chlor*form she obtained the other day. Nicole, feeling a bit uneasy about it, but also a bit

excited to try something new with her friend, agrees to chlor*form her. After finding herself with an unconscious

Sumiko limp in her arms, Nicole discovers that she’s turned on by the helpless beauty. Immediately she takes

Sumiko’s top off, revealing her lovely breasts, of which Nicole wastes no time and begins worshipping them! Each time

Sumiko wakes, she asks to be put out again! And again, her sleepy boobies are worshipped by a hungry Nicole who loves

getting a mouth full of her bare breasts! It’s safe to say that these two beauties have found something better to do than

movie night. Includes one other experimental knock out method.
Video Includes topless chloro ko sleep fetish limp fetish breast worship groping eye rolling hypno ko
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,catfight,submission,humiliation,overpowered

Duration: 00:20:33 Resolution: 3840×2160 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 5.45 GB

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