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Harley Quinn

Ariel X vs. Tia Kai
Today we have a treat for you, an Asian Batgirl. Tia Kai is playing Batgirl in this match. She is done up in the full purple and yellow outfit. She is arriving at an illegal fight club to beat up some bad girls. Ariel X shows up in a futuristic ensemble and a short purple wig. She can’t help but laugh when she sees the goodie-two-shoes that is Batgirl. Ariel warns Batgirl that she has no chance in this fight because there are no rules and only villains can win. Tia refuses to leave, even when the parameters of the match are made clear; one can only win by defeating their foe, dragging them out of the ring, and then making them orgasm five times. Tia starts her stretching routine as she readies herself for the fight. Ariel shakes her head and laughs. She walks behind Batgirl and delivers an upper cut to her purple spandex crotch. Ariel takes control of the fight and never relinquishes. She talks constantly as it seems that Ariel takes almost as much pleasure in humiliating Batgirl as she does physically hurting her. At one point, Ariel puts Batgirl in a camel clutch, but instead of grabbing her under the chin, she hooks her fingers inside of Tia’s nostrils. Batgirl screams in pain while looking incredibly stupid at the same time. Eventually, Ariel strips Batgirl into her panties and nothing else. She then forces orgasm upon orgasm onto her topless and helpless opponent. This is a great match for anyone, but if you like superheroes, you are in for a treat.
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