May 252022

From: Ceara Lynch Humiliatrix
My little step-sister is so pathetic sometimes. She tries so hard to be just like me. She wanders in one day wearing one of my shortest skirts thinking it actually looks good on her. Puh-leez! When will she get it through her head that she’ll never be as hot as I am? I decide to drill that point home by taking her over my knee and giving her a good spanking. She squeals and cries like a little bitch as I swat her bare ass with my hands and then a paddle, then continue to humiliate her by making her lick her own heels and wear that slutty thong over her head the rest of the day. That’ll teach her to steal my clothes.
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tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,submission ,humiliation,overpowered,taboo,spanking,spank,flogging

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