May 082022

Bambi had her step-sister locked in the cage all night and now she has come in to have her pussy and ass licked. The slave complains she was cold so Bambi says she can warm herself up by playing with herself. "Maybe yo can get us both off at the same time" she tells her. The s;ave dutifully licks Bambi’s pussy and then her ass when she turns around and sits on her face. She eagerly plays with her slave pussy at the same time until they are both very aroused.
Bambi pulls up her top to play with her big tits and starts to get very loud as she bears arousal. The slave proves her worth by having her Mistress cum at the exact same time she does. Satisfied Bambi is ready for breakfast, the slave is left in the cage as she has not completed her 24 hour punishment. If she’s lucky Bambi will be back for more later maybe she’ll even need to make step-sis her toilet. Before she leaves however she gives her slave a wet kiss on the lips and tells her she is a good girl.
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