Staying In And Going Out With: Buff Blondie

Starring Buff Blondie, Jacquelyn Velvets, Sinn Sage and James Barbatus

Another day at the office, another beautiful model trying out to be the next hot performer for Velvets Fantasies! This time, Little Buff Blondieis auditioning, and she’s bringing a lot to the table! Gorgeous, tall, and in phenomenal shape.Blondie isn’t quite like anything Miss Velvets has seen before. When she first meets James Barbatus, she’s more than happy to get right to work! She feigns a couple of KOs to show off her skills, but that’s not enough for James.

By the time Blondie discovers that the KO’s here are real, she’s already a slack-jawed mess. James demonstrates a few more knockouts and an OTS carry before stripping her down to her lingerie. He carries her from the room in a long, slow cradle carry. Once he drops her on the bed, though, it’s time for the REAL fun to start.with none other than Jacquelyn Velvetsherself.and guest star Sinn Sage!

This movie contains chloroform KOs, head bonk KO, sleepy spray KO, mask KO, sleeperhold KO, hand over mouth KO, OTS carries, cradle carries, bare feet, lingerie, rolled eyes, limp play
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