Jan 132021

Star Fury – Broken at the hands of the Master

Star Fury – Broken at the hands of the Master
Part 1 – Star Fury is checking out an illegal lab suspected of making super-powered performance enhancers. A man dressed like a Ninja appears behind her and makes his presence known. They have a verbal confrontation followed by a battle of superpowers vs ninja skills. SF is KO’d and finds herself tightly bound. She struggles to free herself until she is able to summon her powers
Part 2 – Star Fury suspects that only the cities infamous triad gang could possibly have a super-ninja working for them. She has been undercover as a cocktail waitress at one of the gangs special members only clubs. Finally she gets left alone after closing and plans to investigate, but she is again taken down by the super-ninja and once more left bound and struggling
Part 3 – Star Fury has freed herself and changed into a new costume, this one is made to focus her powers on her reflexes and senses so she won’t be caught by surprise again. Unfortunately as she explores the private office above the club she is once more taken down by the ninja. This time when she wakes up she is tied to the pole in the clubs VIP room. The ninja inflicts agonizing strikes to her body. She defies him and the beating, but eventually her will brakes from his expert skills at inflicting pain. To make sure she is truly humbled to Ninja makes her suck his cock, insulting her as inferior the entire time. Star Fury is left humiliated with a mouth full of cum dripping from her lips. After she is alone, the rage in her starts to build and she swears revenge
Part 4 – Star Fury has now focused her start power on enhanced he speed and strength and has finally tracked the ninja down to his hide out. It is a fierce battle and Star Fury almost gains the upper hand but the Ninja’s skills are too great. She is taken down and carried away
Part 5 – Star Fury is shackled and the Ninja Master explains that he has been testing her and thinks she MAY be worthy of becoming a pupil. Star Fury is defiant and so the Master Ninja uses the power in his hands to force her to cum over and over., her orgasms are almost agonizing and he takes her to her limit. But, even after he stops, something keeps happening. He explains that unless she lets the chi energy he built up in her out she will be destroyed. She has to make herself cum hard over and over to release the energy despite the pain and humiliation. She rubs herself desperately until she realizes she can’t make herself cum fast enough or hard enough to stop the build up. Star Fury is forced to submit and beg him to make her cum. her new master takes her and fucks her hard and deep, giving her the release she desperately needs as she cums over and over.
Star Fury is utterly broken and is now the Master’s willing servant.
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