Dec 012021

Lucy (Lucy Westenra) is unfortunately a perfect likeness for Silversheen, a famed heroine. When Lucy catches the eye of Silversheen’s biggest, most unhinged fan (Rock), she is made to don the outfit for his deranged fantasies. Fortunately, she finds an ally in The Voice, a telepath who seems to have gotten wind of the situation and feeds her advice through the encounter. Will Lucy be able to play the part of Silversheen long enough to satisfy the brute? Is the Voice truly an ally to be trusted?
Find out in this lift/carry heavy suspense thriller!
This film includes:
-Brief Workout-Flexible Heroine-Long Hair-Multiple Outfits-Pole Dance-Voice in Head-Suspenseful Tone-Brief Shower-Bare Feet-Break-In-Lifts! So Many Lifts-Pleading-Face Punches-Over-the-Shoulder Carry-Forced Outfit Change-Standing Carry-Placation-Lap Dance Turned Grope Session-Shoulder Lift-Choke With Pole-Forced Back Arch-Backbreaker With Pole-Hair Pulling-Throat Hold-Throat Lift to Ceiling-Bear Hugs, Front and Back-Ankle Lift-Stretching-Power Center Crushing with Pole-High Lifts while Dazed-Crawling-Dragged by Hair
-Tummy Punches-Headbutting-Head Crushing-Power Center Punching-Bent-in-Half Lift-Pleading Forced Blowjob (Multiple and Acrobatic Positions)-Groping-Abduction/Slavery
tags:superheroine porn,superheroines fetish,superheroines adult movies,fantasy,mixed wrestling fight.forced sex

Duration: 00:48:03 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 2.25 GB

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