SPSB-64 Blitz man: Yellow Blitz

Sachika Akimoto
Yellow Blitz’s Seri fights the demonic alteration empire Ope and the planet hunter hired by Ope. Frustrated by the current situation where he can’t defeat Blitzman at all, the big boss of the operation, Chemis Lo, magically alters his subordinate Galila Lou to attack Seri! Galila Lou, who has become incomparably stronger than before, defeats Yellow Blitz and attacks her according to her desires… However, the planet hunter Baron Carr kidnaps her after she falls into the hands of an operator. Carr was the planet hunter who kidnapped Seri and the others from Earth 20 years ago! Seri, who is defiled at the hands of her nemesis, transforms and fights, but in vain she is raped by Carr… She was so pleasured that she reached a humiliating climax over and over again, and finally… [BAD ENDING]
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