Oct 092021

lesbian superheroines

Tia Kai & Christina Carter
On a spaceship bound for Earth, the evil scientist Prof. Von Schadenfreude is putting the finishing touches on a new weapon designed to further the Dark Czar’s plans for bringing down and discrediting the Sisterhood of Superheroines. As Dark Czar impatiently arrives to see the results of the experiments, the alien mastermind is somewhat disturbed and unimpressed to see that this new weapon is merely a petite female with the unusual name of “Split” (Tia Kai). The Professor guarantees that Split has been specifically engineered to defeat the twin sister superheroines Snow Queen and Bonfire (both played by Christina Carter).
Back on Earth, Bonfire, in her Fire House, contacts Snow Queen in her Ice Palace to convince her to rejoin the Sisterhood and come with her to answer an emergency call from one of the Safe House Labs in Los Angeles. When Snow Queen declines, Bonfire reluctantly goes to the Safe House alone and confronts Split, armed with several stolen weapons of destruction. A fight rages on with Split’s weapons constantly being countered by Bonfire’s flame powers. When the fight becomes more physical, Bonfire’s size and strength gives her a definite advantage over her smaller opponent. When a surprise attack from behind brings Bonfire down, Split tries to flee with the stolen weapons, but quickly finds herself face-to-face against Snow Queen, who just couldn’t let her sister go it alone.
Another special effect filled Sisterhood of Superheroines extravaganza written and directed specifically for DT Productions by comics superstar George PĂ©rez!
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