Spider-Woman: The Good, The Bad, The Punished 1080p & 4K

Starring: Mackenzie / Greg Weller
Synopsis: After the events (from the comic book) of the attack at George Stacys home – Punisher has laid out a trap to catch the vigilante known as Spider-Woman. Punisher, whom recently became the Captain of the

Special Crimes Task Force, is utterly frustrated by the former captains (George Stacy) inability to capture Spider-Woman. He has studied her from afar and has a plan to make her utterly defenseless to his attack. But plans change when she is unmasked. and Frank Castles desire for revenge gets his blood flow pumping for something more than just handcuffs and time served.

Full body costume Shoes stay on Costume gets destroyed Breasts are exposed NO cradle/shoulder carry Internal voice monologue Softcore KO scene Two cum shots in mouth Unmasking -Identity peril
The Setup / Action / 17 Minutes Hand to hand combat Web action Sonic weapon used to disrupt spider senses Throat Lift Rib torture Breaks rib Stomach punches Molested Pinned to floor Tranquilizer dart KO Bondage via handcuffs Unmasking (Minute Maker 14 minutes 30 seconds)BJ / 7 Minutes Handcuffed to table Tasered in throat Sloppy ending Gwens Last Stand / 2-3 Minutes
Gwen has one last desperate attempt to fight back before being defeated Sex Scene / 6 Minutes
Gwen is taken Punisher finishes in her mouth
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