Spider-man has a bone to pick with Silk (played by Nixlynka). They argue and Spiderman attempts a gut punch which does not affect Silk at all. She’s clearly not impressed and easily elbows him to the ground. This is major trouble for the Spidey. Silk gets him in a headscissor, ridiculing him in the process as he struggles to breathe. She follows it up with a reverse headscissor to make sure he gets a view of her assets while he’s being knocked unconsci0us.

Next thing he knows, Spider-man is placed on a chair while Silk’s new objective is to make it his new home! She ties him up with tape, proclaiming her superiority over him while he is knocked out. He wakes up tied and unable to break free. Spider pleads to be let go to no avail. Even after trying to use his webs, they do not work. Silk adds to the humiliation by teasing to take off his mask (which she does, partly) and follows up with a career-ending hold. Spidey is rendered helpless-weak, tied, knocked out and humiliated. A job well done for Silk..
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