Oct 192021

Constance is known for having a temper and being too competitive, after her loss to Lana Luxor she’s angry and bent on getting revenge in the most humiliating way possible. Her powerful legs have Lana whimpering and screaming in agony as she squeezes and constricts her legs like a python. She is the Queen of “combination holds”, tapping you out before you can figure out where and what to defend. She slaps pussy while squeezing your head off, she combines arm bars and head scissors with sheer fluidity. Constance sits on the ebony beauties face and makes her submit but takes her time getting off of her asking her ” Is that a tap” as Lana frantically flails and taps with urgency. A gvine pin makes the score 3-0 before a very technical and proud Lana works her way back with a reverse head scissor. The highlight is seeing a high level grappler submitted by a combination body scissor, hammerlock and arm bar that will leave you speechless. A guillotine/arm bar submission embarasses and takes all the fight out of a game loser. The finish will delight all fans of a dominant woman putting another alpha female in her place. The loser mounts the dick and takes the ride of her life, moaning, grunting and growling in search of orgasm as she wraps her fingers around the other girl’s throat. This is pure sexual ferocity as the only thing that matters is getting off no matter what. One orgasm is not enough for the loser as she gets fucked through the mats, her tits sucked and chewed on, her pussy pounded until she squirts all over the cock that settled matters and puts her in her place.
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