Nov 022021

For Bunny this rematch is very personal, a matter of pride as Constance kicked her ass, made her suffer in long, grueling head scissors and facesits before fucking her silly. She feels Constance had way too much fun at her expense and that things will be very different. Bunny is more aggressive, fierce and mean and immediately tries sitting on the smaller girl’s face, gets reversed and submitted but keeps fighting like a hell cat. She puts her foe under tits and ass but gets trapped in an insane headlock and head scissor combo, This one’s gonna be a classic with intense grappling by both nude warriors, covered in sweat and willing to do anything to win. There was some surprise hair pulling, nipple twisting and ass slapping. There is a scary rear naked that leaves Bunny whimpering, moaning and groaning as she tries her best to hold out because she doesn’t want to be humiliated and fucked again. Bunny has to wipe her mouth after Constance facesits her with a super wet pussy as the combat has her aroused beyond belief. The better woman wastes no time in claiming her prize, roughly using the loser as fuck meat. Slapping her ass and riding her thickness to multiple orgasms for daring to challenge her and give her a fight better than the first one. She twists her nipples and pulls her hair before making her ride her cock to ecstasy. The loser submissively kisses the victor, worships her tits and cleans off her cock for good measure.
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