Experienced BJJ grappler Cheyenne (5’5″ 135LBS) clashes with feisty, sexy newcomer Olivia Rose (5’4″ 125LBS) in this erotic Academy Wrestling showdown. Hard body Cheyenne has unmatched s combining grappling with sexual domination, and her ability to apply holds while forcing her foe to reach orgasm is uncanny. In this fight she has her nude pussy in Olivia’s face in the first minute of the match. This is a back and forth struggle as the combatants utilize breast smothers, arm bars, head scissors, double body scissors, body triangles and crushing schoolgirls pins as well as nude facesits that leave both fighters with a mouth full of wet pussy during this iconic battle. This encounter gets nasty as they resort to breast grabbing, nipple twisting and pussy mauling that culminates with Cheyenne trapping Olivia in a body scissor while fondling her clit to a forced orgasm, submission tap out! Cheyenne proves to be too big, strong, tough and experienced for Olivia and the final indignity has Olivia trapped between Cheyenne’s rock hard thighs with the tool lodged deep in her throat. Her salivating mouth lubes the cock before the victor plunges it deep into the losers hairy pussy for a face down, ass up fucking for the ages. Cheyenne spanks Olivia’s beautiful round ass then flips her over and pile drives her pussy, in expert fashion, to orgasm teaching her how to lose Academy style!
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