Nov 172021

Sexy Asian beauty Mia (5’1” 130 lbs) makes her Academy debut against tough veteran grappler Isamar in a match-up of youthful exuberance against battle tested experience. Muscular Mia, who has been wrestling for three years, has a breathtaking body sculpted by years of running, yoga and expert level rock climbing but today she knows she is taking on her toughest opponent yet. Isamar gets the first submission with a perfectly executed arm bar then insists they both get naked. She is eyeing stunning Mia like a piece of fresh meat. The Academy gatekeeper takes pride in breaking in newbie’s and she is drooling over the opportunity to pop this gorgeous Asians cherry! There is great wrestling action with both naked fighters getting submissions with head and body scissors, arm bars and head locks. Mia is clearly very strong and athletic but when the time comes to determine who will get fucked, Isamar leaves no doubt that she will be donning the strap-on. First she traps her helpless pray in a tight body lock then devours her beautiful breasts and wet pussy with her expert tongue and deep probing fingers. She admires her small tight pussy, but not tight for long though, as the victor breaks out the big cock and fucks Mia in every possible position until Mia finally orgasms riding the hard tool like a stallion! Isamar determines that her final reward will be to see Mia’s beautiful face between her legs so Mia eagerly gobbles down the victors clit for final payment of a lesson well learned.
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,catfight,submission,humiliation,overpowered,facesitting,strapon,wrestling fight,pussy licking

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