Sleeping On The Job

Starring Misty Lovelace, Skye Blue and Sleeperkid
We fade in on two very bratty office workers (Skye Blue and Misty Lovelace) talking trash about their work, their computers, and everything in between. They call their IT guy (SK) up to fix a problem and he sits through their insults, grimacing as he tries to do his job. The camera pans into his face and dissolves into a work place revenge fantasy. The tech brings the limp bodies of Skye and Misty into his living room, draping them against each other on the couch. What follows is a series of perfectly executed double knockouts, humiliation, sexy body piles, compromising positions, a strip down to beautiful lingerie, an impressive DOUBLE over the shoulder carry, and more as the tech destroys his tormentors…in his mind. We finally cut back to reality, as the tech continues to type with one hand and reaches for a chloroform-soaked rag with the other. Fantasies, it seems, can most definitely come true!!
This movie contains double chloroform KO, double sleeper hold KO, sleepy spray KO, double black jack KO, double taser KO, neck pinch KO, smother KO, double dust mask KO, over the shoulder carries, double over the shoulder carry, cradle carry, body piles, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation
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