SlaveBC & Miss Demeanor – Soccer Moms Are Disgusting (May 14 2021)

THE MOST ANTICIPATED VILE VIDEO I HAVE EVER FILMED. SlaveBC and I are soccer moms who are very dissatisfied by our husbands. We are chatting after a game, when BC tells me how bored she is with her missionary, lights off sex she has been having. She wants to be called a filthy whore and be bossed around and have terrible things done to her cunt. Luckily for her, I am just the person to do the job. I spit on her face and throw her back on the couch-where she is begging me to use her as the disgusting fuck pig that she is.

I’m a pleaser, so I stick my hand down her throat and gag her until she is spitting up and puking all over herself. I rub the nasty liquids all over her tits and use her vomit as lube to fist her…sliding each hand into her pussy making sure both hands are completely covered in her cum and puke chunks. I continue gagging her with my hand, fisting her throat with my entire hand until she is in a pool of her own mess. When she can barely handle any more, I decide to get her covered with my own mess. I proceed to puke all over her face, into her mouth, her pussy and cover her entire body with my vomit. I give her a nice rinse with my piss, waterboarding her while I shove a dildo down her throat. I think it’s safe to say she leaves satisfied 😉

So the above description pretty much covers it. The only thing not mentioned is that at the end, SlaveBC uses a dildo to make herself puke into a large measuring cup, which Miss Demeanor then pours onto SlaveBC’s face.
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