Slave Sm0thered in Best Friends Oiled As

Kendall rubs some moisturizing oil onto her friend Alexas butt. Its supposed to be really good for Princesses skin. It makes it really soft. When Alexas butt is glistening with oil, she sits on her slaves face. The slave has been pallet wrapped to a bench. His face slides deep into Alexas freshly oiled ass. Alexa gently bounces, then rests her full weight onto the slaves tiny face. She picks up her feet and swings them as the slave struggles for breath. Alexa extends her legs and the slave slides deeper into her oiled ass. Kendall wants a turn. Alexa oils her friends ass for her. Kendalls butt is so big! The slave is sure to be smothered completely. Kendall takes some harder bounces onto the slaves face. Alexa notices that the losers chastity is starting to get tighter the longer he spends beneath Kendall. When Kendall stands, she and Alexa notice that the slaves face is very red. They dont stop smothering him in their asses. The scene continued even after the camera was turned off.
tags:femdom,female domination,asslicking,ass licking

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