Mar 122021

Slave Bunny – Teaparty

Slave Bunny – Teaparty
Description: bunny brings tea and candy for a heavily pregnant Xinran, but Xinran has other plans! bunny has her mouth cruelly stretched open, and nose-hooks distort her face. Elastic bands and string bind her head, and the elastic is snapped painfully into her face, which is spiked with a sharp pinwheel. She is stripped, and clamps are used on her nipples, to stretch out her breasts for beating and mauling. Her cunt is whipped, and lollipops are inserted, before being dumped unceremoniously into her stretched open mouth. No rest for her cunt though which is further beaten with a leather paddle as her tits are pounded, whipped and caned.

Laid back, the bindings on her face are tied off to her pussy rings, making any sharp movement agony, and her cunt itself it tied open from the remaining rings, spreading her most delicate flesh wide. A large plug of shaved ginger is rammed into her asshole, and as it burns her open cunt is whipped. Xinran tramples the poor girl in her high stilettos, grinding the sharp heels into her breasts, cunt and face. When she is convinced that the poor girl is in enough pain, the bindings are removed, so that Xinran can rain down slaps on her face, while viscously twisting bruising handfuls of her breasts.

Satisfied with her behavior and endurance, bunny is rewarded by being breast fed with her pregnant milk. The ginger plug is removed, and she is fucked with a massive dildo as thick as her arm, to prepare her for a rough and hard fisting, where she is finally allowed to orgasm. Satiated, Xinran sits back to enjoy her tea, while the shaking, broken bunny, grovels before her, licking and kissing the very stilettos that so recently caused her so much pain.
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,humiliation,bondage,fisting,forced orgasm,bbw torture

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