Sinn Sage VS Charlotte Satre

Sexy Charlotte Satre (5’3″ 110 lbs) is a petite stunner and eager to experience sex wrestling at the Academy. This red haired, blue eyed, tattooed goth beauty loves females and enjoys wrestling but has no idea what’s in store for her as she is matched against experienced wrestler Sinn Sage. Sinn (5’5″ 140 lbs) has a big size advantage and can’t wait to “break Charlotte in” at this loser get fucked showdown. Sinn always wanted to wipe the floor with Charlotte’s tight little ass and take her pussy. She immediately mounts her smaller foe, traps her in a rear naked combined with body scissors, then attacks her breasts and crotch for the first submission. The feisty Charlotte didn’t come to lose and fights back admirably, trapping Sinn in a body lock and grabbing her tits while busting her crotch. She mounts, pins then facesits a shocked Sinn and makes her eat pussy while finger fucking her! This is followed by a rear naked submission hold that has an enraged Sinn admitting Charlotte is tougher than she looks. Sinn is now intent on making Charlotte pay a serious price for her aggression. She uses her strong legs to trap her foe in powerful body scissors then shoves her thumb into Charlotte’s twat. She grabs her across the throat and humps her into the mats with grinding trib. Charlotte has little defense and finds herself helpless against Sinn’s power. Once Charlotte is submitted for good she now must accept her punishment. Sinn returns to the room donning a huge strap-on cock and harshly fingers Charlotte. She then rams the cock down Charlottes throat with a nasty face fucking, testing her gag reflex. After some rough titty slapping Sinn pounds the losers tight wet pussy, in multiple positions, with a rousing strap-on fuck deeply penetrating Charlotte and teaching her a painful lesson in how a loser gets treated when she goes down to defeat at the Academy.
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