Jan 132022

Silver Fox (Georgia Jones) is surprised to see me (Sinn Sage) and thinks she can overtake me, but my magic mesmerizes her. I order her to a crawling position. Frozen until my next command, I love ass smacking and groping her helpless body. Tit squeezing a superheroine’s perky breasts is sexually satisfying, but I savor ass smooshing her tight booty. French kissing, licking and biting her lips is entertaining as she blankly stares like a zombie slave. I snap my fingers and she’s released from her trance. She panics and I refreeze with her bubble butt in the air. Ass kissing the smug do-gooder is hot and I moan in excitement until she thaws and stuns me into submission. Frozen and vulnerable, it’s her turn to play with my big ass. She face fucks me by grinding her pussy on my extended tongue. She cums hard while I stare at her like a statue and then leaves.
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