Shrinky Dick Cream

So you’ve been having some problems with impotence? Can’t get it up? Well that’s common for men your age. I have been developing a patented cream to help with just this problem. It’s nice and creamy and I’ll just rub it right on your penis for you. Mmm…that feels nice? Good.

Right away you’ll feel it tingling. Yes, your penis is shrinking. It’s doing it’s job. I gave you a different medication. Your wife has requested that you undergo impotence therapy. It basically involves a series of treatments like this, to decrease your penis size and make you unable to produce sperm. Your wife was tired of having unsatisfying sex with you, but this way she’ll still keep you around. I’m sure she’ll find sex elsewhere.

I have to test out the cream’s properties and make sure it’s working properly. Do you like watching me strip out of my uniform? I bet, only look down at your dick…even smaller than before! Great, it’s working perfectly. So even if I put my big, young tits right in your face…nothing? Even better. Your wife should be very pleased with these results! In a few more treatments the effects will become permanent and your penis should shrink away to nothing.

You think you’re going to get Viagra, but you get an evil nurse instead!
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