Apr 282021

Showing Your Wife a Good Time

Showing Your Wife a Good Time
You and your wife have been following me for almost a decade. The two of your have been simping for me, following all of my humiliating instructions, paying and doing as I ask for so long. Finally you both decide to come see me for a simple request. I’m to take your anal virginity, your first pegging session while your wife watches. I’m not impressed. I know I could push you further. I’m known for pushing the limits. I also know how submissives operate, you won’t say no to me. I have an entirely different weekend planned for the two of you, guaranteed to test the limits of your marriage. You, dear husband, will spend the weekend getting fucked by a train of guys in a shitty motel. I’ll be monitoring you 24/7, giving you degrading tasks, dictating your every move. Everything you do will need to be with my permission. As for your cutie pie wife, I’m whisking her away for the weekend to a gorgeous suite downtown. I’ll be taking your phone and your wallet, to fund everything. First I’ll take her shopping for designer lingerie, then we’ll get the party started and it won’t stop for days. I don’t know who will be taking more dicks this weekend, you or your wife. She’s going to be a hit at the swingers club, and at my house… fresh meat is always fun and I already told them she’s dying to get a train run on her. I really want to show her a good time. She’s going to be begging me to let her come back for more parties in the future. Maybe if she’s good I’ll let her stay with me next time!
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