Short Tweet Life Starring Fiona

Stephanie Brown is studying late at night in one of the student lounges. No one else is around, having all left for spring break. A security guard come in to check on her, and tried to stick up a conversation with the pretty girl. She cannot help but be a condescending to the man, given her intellect and being a little annoyed that this old man is interrupting her studies. But she tries to be nice-ish. He leave her be, but later, she catching him watching her. She confronts him and he attacks, dragging her to the couch and roughly stripping her out of her clothing as she squeals and squeaks in horror. He takes her, forcing her to suck him, then fucking her until he is satisfied with the conquest. He leaves her crying, curled on the couch and warns her not to say anything.

Later, the man in the theatre building walking on a set from a recent production when he hears a bird-like sound. When he calls out the person to show themselves, Robin emerges. She is there to kick his ass and does….at first. But the tables are quickly turned as the big man overcomes the little bird. He gets much of her clothing off and soon realizes through her whining that she is the same girl he fucked the day before. She is so scared she pees herself, and he has her kneel down forces her to suck his cock. He takes her to a wall and fucks her from behind, then brings her back to a lounge chair and fucks her some more.

Finally, as he fucks her in reverse cowgirl, he uses her own cape to strangle her. She tries to struggle for her life, but he has her pinned on one end by his cock while he keeps the cape taunt around her small neck. She dies as he releases his load deep in her cunt as she lies completely still on top of him.
He gets out from under her and leaves her dead on the lounge chair—a surprise fro the next theater class when they return in a week.

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