She Ra Enslaved – Part 2

Evil-in returns to her caged prisoner…and releases She-Ra. She leads her over to a table and Evil-in’s new accessory become readily apparent. It’s a large pink strap-on dildo. Poor She-Ra is understandably distressed…but she’s totally under the the power of her sexually sadistic captor. She forces She-Ra to bend over the table and strips off her panties. Then she licks her like she’s a delicious snack, and rubs her pussy. After her victims pussy is slippery and wet, she slides her strap-on cock into her…thrusting and pounding until She-Ra can’t help but cum. What a good little sex slave the fallen Super-heroine is turning out to be. After she has finished using her slave like a fuck toy, Evil-in takes She-Ra back to her cage and locks her up. Poor She-Ra…whatever will befall her next??
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