“Shattered Steel” Featuring Kayla

Synopsis: Three disgruntled cons, all put away by SG, have an unsettled score they’d like Reaper to settle. After receiving payment to destroy the arrogant heroine, Reaper breaks into a storage facility setting off the alarm. As expected, SG appears cocky as ever. Reaper’s home planet destroyed SG’s, so he’s well equipped to deal with whatever she delivers. And she doesn’t hold back, dealing numerous hits in quick succession. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to phase Reaper. After patiently receiving the best SG can muster, he tires of the game and delivers a batch of vicious blowss that would kill any normal human. Following a relentless beat down, SG tries desperately not to pass out. But Reaper doesn’t stop. Released from AOH restraints, SG crumples to the ground, barely conscious as Reaper takes her virginity and then fucks her in the ass to add insult to virgin injury. Left with all her limbs and her back broken, SG isn’t able to move. The three cons arrive to check on Reaper’s handy work. Her motionless body lies on the ground, barely conscious or aware. The opportunity to take advantage of the bitch that put them inside is enticing, and all three cons have their way, releasing on and inside her repeatedly. It’s not a proud moment for the shattered heroine. Find out how it ends.
Contains: male/female combat, face punches, belly punches, kicks, knees, upper-cuts, back-hands, slaps, low blows, back breaker, bear hug, AOH beating, wrist restraints rope, heroine thrown, carotid punch, all 4 limbs and back broken, heroine lifted faced away and bent til broken, costume removed to full nudity, 1 on 1 forced fucking in pussy and ass, forced BJ with cum shot on tits, 3 on 1 forced fucking / BJ / Groping in various positions – internal cum shots, bruising, blood, humiliating poses captured in photos to be posted later
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