Dec 222020

Sexy Therapist Explore Your Foot Addiction

Sexy Therapist Explore Your Foot Addiction
A man visit the therapist to cure his severe addiction to feet..He is telling all about his foot fetish.She promise to cure him,but instead has other ideas and when she has the man totally under her spell she exploits his fetish to the full.She puts him under her spell by asking him to relax and watch her dangling shoe while counting down.When he’s under her control,she makes him worship her pantyhosed feet..smell inside of her shoes..and then to get naked and lay down on the floor.The therapist gives him a fast footjob explaining that from now on he will be addicted to her feet, telling him how good it feels to be under her feet and making him cum on her nylon feet.She tells him a bit more that his fetish is good and he will come back to see her again and again . She orders him to get dress lies him back on the couch and wakes him up. He feels great,but remembers nothing.. only that he will make another appointment.
hypnosis,mind control,mental domination,foot worship

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