Dec 012021

TW: Bi humiliation, Faggot,
I know you don’t think you are gay, after all, you think you only get turned on by a hot Goddess like me, but you are weak for me, and I’m going to fuck your mind. I have so much power over you, you’ll do anything I say, so I say I want you to get three dildos for this clip. I want you down on all fours, and shove one of those dildos in your ass, while you suck on another one. I want you to moan as one fills your ass, gag as the other fills the back of your throat, and yet as you hear my sexy voice calling you names like "sissy slut" and"faggot whore", while you see me looking gorgeous in my latex outfit and thigh boots, you can’t help but get hard. It’s not gay if a hot woman makes you do it, right? I want you to take that third dildo and rub it up against your own tiny cock, what a little slut you are. You are in sensory overload as you are surrounded by cocks while you see my beauty and hear me tell you what sissy faggot you are. I’m going to make you cum with cocks in all your slutty holes and another one rubbing against your sissy clit. I’m going to give you a cum countdown, and you are going to cum on that dildo, and then you are going to suck it off like the good little whore that you are. (Give a countdown, but as soon as you hit zero, flash a video of a large cock ejaculating). You came to another man cumming, and sucked cum off a dildo. Now you can’t deny it, I want to hear you say "I’m a sissy faggot and I need cock. Please pimp out my holes, Goddess." Beg louder!
Gay JOI,Forced Bi,Make Me Bi

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