Nov 072020

Serene Siren, Bella Rossi

Serene Siren, Bella Rossi
Serene Siren Dominated our MILF tournament. That mini-tournament doesn’t count towards her record however so this match is her first “official” lesbian match since it’s the first time she takes on 1 wrestler for 3 full rounds. Bella Rossi is a seasoned sex fighter. She knows how to inflict orgasms with ease. Serene comes out like a bat out of hell who is high off her MILF tournament victories and getting fucked in the locker room by Brandi Mae and Sofie Marie. Serene taps out Bella quick in round 1 and lets Bella know she needs to step up her game. These girls get so horny during the wrestling that one wrestler succumbs to orgasm on the mat in round 3 and her opponent takes the instant victory. These two rub pussy to pussy until both cum but the winner gets to wear a strap on and fuck the loser by pounding her pussy hard. Winner lifts and carries the loser of the mat and takes her home for more fucking
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