Sensual Sleeperholds with Coco

Before Coco and I are ready to go out to the beach, I tell her about this really hot video I watched with girls getting knocked out via sleeper holds, and I couldn’t contain myself with how arousing it was. Coco, being the good friend that she is, jumps at the chance to re-enact those kinds of knock outs on each other, and with us being such good friends we decide to have a bit of fun by removing the other’s tops to see how **** we really are. We love it so much, that we decide to give it more tries than one, while wearing new bikinis, and escalating to nipple licking and kissing our KO’ed victim. In the end, we BOTH want to get knocked out, so we try a tight double choke out to see who can get the other one first! I love having friends like these!
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