School Assistant Stripped And Forced To Orgasm

Danielle’s new boss is a slut. She slept with the school’s director and got the job that should have been rightfully Danielle’s. A good talk with the slut is needed. Danielle, very proper, very prude – after all it’s a girl’s finishing school – waits for the slut who walks in dressed in an inappropriate, very revealing way. Her boobs are half out, her skirt is super short. Danielle starts talking. The slut admits she slept with the director and that’s how she got this job. Maybe, she says. Danielle should have slept with him and she would now sit in the chair where the slut sits. And how can she dress like for church? She needs to dress more fashionable. This is a girl’s school where fashion is also a subject. Danielle does not know how to dress different. The slut calls her over and – wham, hits Danielle’s cute butt. She then pulls down Danielle’s skirt and starts laughing at her grandma pantyhose and panties. She pulls the down quickly. Danielle shrieks. Now the blouse goes. And the bra! Danielle is naked! And when the slut touches her genitals, she feels that Danielle is wet. She pushes Danielle onto the glass desk, roughly ospreads her nice, slim legs and uses the magic wand on her that she got from the school’s director. She slaps Danielle’s breasts and tells her to cum. But Danielle is already on her way to a huge screaming orgasm. Who is the slut here now? Danielle is so embarrassed! The wand goes back on her clit and here she cums again! And even louder! Of course the school’s director heard her screams and comes over to see what the fuck is going on here….
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