SARAH – This is how Mistress’ usual morning goes 4K

This is how Sarah’s usual morning goes. When she wakes up, her personal slave avril immediately brings her slippers in her teeth and puts them on. "Good morning, my Mistress" – Says avril and kisses her feet. While the slave is kissing her feet, Sarah slowly wakes up and goes to brush her teeth in the bath. She uses the slave as a sink and spits toothpaste into her mouth. avril smears cream on the hands and feet of her Mistress and kisses them. Sarah also cleans her ears with cotton swabs and orders her slave to eat them .. just to cheer herself up in the morning. Sarah doesn’t need a bin because she has a slave.. she blows her nose into tissues and feeds it to arvil. When Sarah finished washing, she ordered the slave to clean up the toilet, and she herself went to get ready for her own business.
Keywords: foot worship,spitting, toothbrushing, hands fetish, toilet humiliation, home slave, sarah, avril.
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