Sarah DiAvola – Financial Fuck Tease

It’s like she doesn’t even care. She brings him back from a hot expensive date, dressed to and seemingly ready to fuck. She teases him, promising him the pleasure that is supposed to come after a costly night out on his dime. She coaxes his cock out of his high-end suit…. and then she takes his credit card. She rubs his dick, jerking it much to his pleasure, then stops while she shops online with what’s left of his card balance. He begs. Please finish me, please, I’ve already spent so much. Just one moment, she promises. So many promises. But she keeps teasing, she keeps shopping! She says that she’ll pleasure him as long as she’s getting her pleasure: materialism. But she only jerks him when he’s paying. It’s like she’s a player who only loves him when she’s playing…. and he’s right. He’s her toy. He’s being financially fuck-teased, and she’s so tempting that he cannot say no….

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