Sarah DiAvola – Cute but Evil

I’m adorable, I’m enchanting, I’m seductive, and my way of teasing is irresistible. But I’m also a bitch. Here I combine my excruciatingly sexy edging play with ass worship and some degradation. It’s a yin and yang, tit for tat, having you raging with an erection while being fed pure brat princess venom. Up and down, I take you through a jerk off session and use all of my powers for seduction and evil. I’m not the scary, vicious, mean as fuck humiliatrix that I am in other videos; I sweetly and succinctly tell you how to bow down to me. How to lick my sweaty asshole. When I give you the middle finger, it’s with a cute little smile. When I throw you the L sign, it’s with deceptively innocent sexuality. This is a good mind fuck that sneaks up on you. I even allow you to cum, because I want you to prove to me and yourself that you’ve got a kink and a weakness for bratty bitches who drive you insane with tease. I’m sickeningly sweet…..and painfully spicy.
joi,ass worship,ass fetish

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