Sarah DiAvola – Ass Licker Wallet Drain

CONTAINS NUDITY For the PRIVILEGE of licking My holy asshole, you will pay a hefty price. Each. Fucking. Kiss. Want to smell My ass? Pay Me. Want to kiss My ass? Pay Me. Want to lick My ass and be My human toilet paper? Pay Me. Pay for this clip, and then pay while you worship. It’s a human ATM’s wet dream. But you won’t be getting anything other than wet, since you are forbidden to touch your dick and will be oozing and dripping precum like a faucet. It’s an honor to be in your lowly position right now, My glorious asshole lording over you like a sacred idol. It is. It’s sacred, and you can BEG Me to let you worship it; BEG Me to allow you to pay it. And keep your hands OFF of your dick. I will not be subjected to your gross boner while My pristine Ass is dominating you. I will never allow you a free meal. For dessert, you will have dirty, sweaty Princess Ass, and you will clean your fucking plate and pay the entire tab, loser. CONTAINS NUDITY
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