Saints & Sinners + Bouns Video

Sin tries to ally with ‘Master of Binds’ Snare so that they can take down the Guardian Angel’s together. Snare is not a trusting individual however, and fights Sin until she uses her powers to persuade him. Sin then lures Shining Spirit into a trap, the heroine is strong against Sin alone, but is in deep trouble versus both villains. Can Shining Spirit find a way out of this bind?
After her encounter with Lady X, Sin is desperate to take out all the Guardian Angel’s, but she needs help. She calls on the nefarious Snare for this, but the villain is highly untrusting and quickly Sin finds herself fighting for her life against the ‘Master of Binds’, Snare is determined to be top dog and ruin Sin, only when she uses her powers can she get him to calm down and focus on the true enemy. At last the trap is set for Shining Spirit, who faces Sin, appearing to get the upper hand until Snare arrives. The Guardian Angel now finds herself taking on two powerful villains at once. Will Sin and Snare’s shaky alliance hold to defeat Shining Spirit?
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