Sailor Freesia VS Wedding Witch Erotic Battle Royale

Mio Nozaki,Arsu Haname
Sailor Freesia, a beautiful saintly warrior, and Wedding Witch, a witch of justice, fighting daily to protect people from the threat of demons. The two defeated the rampaging demon, but the poisonous mist released by the demon rendered them unable to use their magic powers. The two are defeated and abducted by the demon general Gorgon, who appears there. At first they stoutly resist, but when Gorgon hurts them, they succumb to the fear of death. Gorgon tells them to give him pleasure instead of letting only one of them live. They serve Gorgon as if they are competing with each other in a desire not to let each other die. The demon general, who enjoyed their blow jobs, tasted more sex. Gorgon enjoys cumming to their inside, and watches the frustrated expressions on the faces of Freesia and Witch, who have abandoned their sense of justice and pride and are now exposed to the perversity of the situation. Gorgon, who likes both of them, stops taking their lives so easily, and gives them a merciless battle…. [BAD ENDING]
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