Sadie Belle – Undercover

An erotic tale of love, lies and ultimate control, Undercover sets a new standard in bondage film. John Fitzgerald proves yet again that he is a modern master of high quality bondage and fetish storytelling!
While looking for a roommate, Nancy meets Diane, a mysterious beauty seemingly a perfect match for her unique interests in bondage and discipline. But Diane has other plans. An agent of a foreign government, she is sent undercover to steal vital secrets from Nancy’s company, a job that proves far more difficult than she could have imagined.
Shoot starts off with a bunch of weird storyline stuff. A Russian spy is sent to spy on this woman, but turns out the job she applied for entails her turning into a BDSM slave.
She eventually ends up in a hood and in bondage. She has to put on a latex maid suit with her knees restrained together to do chores. She ends up touching herself without permission and gets punished for the night. She gets tightly re strained to a board and is tortured by electric pads.
Next scene she’s naked wearing a leather harness with a posture collar and a tight ball gag. A strap runs through her pussy and she is restrained to a pillar and fondled.
Then there’s some messy food play as she’s hooded and bound and her mistress throws food on her.
Final scene (extremely hot one), the slave is tightly restrained in a cage. It’s implied that she’s kept there for weeks, kept alive through a forced-breathing and forced-eating apparatus, with a tube that collects her pee.
No outright sex in this one.
Sex acts include: Bondage, Lesbian Domination, Maid Play, Chores, Electro Play, Forced Orgasm, Ballgag, Armbinder, Straitjacket
Sadie Belle, Eden Wells, Paige Richards
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