This brutal part two of the S.I.F.T tournament features both the semi-final battles and final battle of the arena! The four remaining participants go head to head for reasons of mischief, duty, fandom, and violence. Dreams and bones alike will be crushed, and in the end. only one will be Champion. If you didn’t see Part One, make sure you do!
Content-Commentator-Strong Heroine-Weak Hearoine-Obliterated Heroines-Bearhugs-Beatdowns-Mind Control-Groping-Slapping-Lots of Low Blows!-Knockouts-Throat lift-Hurricane Spin-Wedgie-Dragging-Hair Pulling-Body/Face Hits-Back Arches-Choking/Strangling
-Grappling-Humiliation-Eye Gouging Lift!-Partial Nudity-Stretching-Lifts-Crawling-Light Blood-Simulated Forced Oral-Simulated Forced Sex-Cum on Face
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