Apr 162016

Rub a Dub Dub: Vamp1res Sn@ck in the Tub

Rub a Dub Dub: Vamp1res Sn@ck in the Tub
This clip was inspired more by the Lost Boys style of punk rock vampires who like to scare their prey first, so it’s a little more horror-based & cinematic than my usual vampire clips. Hannah Perez is an unsuspecting victim trying to relax in a hot bath, when a brunette vampire suddenly appears perched above her on the bathroom’s ledge. She screams in shock, and then a redhead vampire appears on the other end of the ledge. She screams. What is happening? And she’s already naked and so vulnerable beneath them! Ludella climbs down onto the edges of the tub, lurching over her in a crouched position as they taunt her. She smells delicious. Ludella crawls around to the other side and Hannah quickly moves to the middle, but then Sarah is on that side. Hannah can’t do much to escape from them. They grab her wrists and inhale the scent of her…so tasty… She asks what they plan to do with her. They tell her that they’ve come for her specifically. She’ll make a delicious dinner. “No! No! I won’t! Please…not me!” She begs. They tell her they intend to play with her first, to get her excited…as she’ll taste even better that way. They come close to her neck, breathing in…licking her… She’s completely frightened. Finally, Ludella decides to put her in a trance so that they can have some more fun with her. She uses her powers of vampire seduction to put her into the trance, having her repeat back her purpose to them, to serve as their food supply and do whatever they want. Ludella has Hannah stand up and perform a sexy dance for them. “Yes, Mistress.” She stands up in the tub and moves her hips seductively from side to side, turning around and slowly moving her butt back and forth. The vampires are getting excited…and very hungry. They caress her naked and wet body. Then they come in to play with her breasts, licking her nipples while she continues to dance. She’s getting turned on and begs for them to take her now. “I love when they beg,” Ludella says, “Well, I can’t wait any longer..” “Neither can I.” The two vampires decide it’s time to feed. Sarah bites into one boob and Ludella bites into the other. Hannah’s eyes roll back and she becomes weaker, becoming limp and slowly dropping into the tub as the vampires drink her in. She sits in the tub, completely still in shock and still entranced with her eyes wide. “Thanks for the meal.” Sarah says, disappearing into the air. “It’s a shame we couldn’t stay for dessert,” Ludella says, as she also disappears, leaving Hannah staring into nothing. This wasn’t the kind of bath she was looking for…
This clip includes: Vampires, Mesmerizing, Brainwashing, Magic Control, Special FX, Forced Lesbian, Tit Play, Limp Fetish, Supernatural, Monsters, Curves, Redhead, Brunettes, Sarah Michelle, CONTAINS FULL NUDITY
Category: VAMPIRE
Related Categories: MESMERIZE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, LESBIAN DOMINATION, MAGIC CONTROL, BITING Keywords: vampire, vampire bite, lost boys vampire, redhead vampire, ludella hahn, sarah michelle, brainwashed, feeding, trance, magic, fangs, seduction, horror, curves
tags:lezdom,lesbian domination ,humiliation,submission,vampire,vampires

Info :
Size : 237.62 MiB
Duration : 00:10:29
Resolution : h264, yuv420p, 1280×720, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)
Format : MP4

Download – Lezdom_Dub.mp4

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