Reality is defined as that which continues to exist, even if you stop believing in it. And this is where things get messy for you. Because you might come here to indulge in kink, suck on a dildo, eat your cum, or dress up in lingerie….but you tell yourself you’re not gay. You’re not a sissy. You’re not a cum guzzler. Those are just fantasies you’re indulging in in the moment. But let me ask you – does the craving for cock disappear when I’m not on the screen? Do you still cum in 60 seconds even when I’m not encouraging your premature ejaculation? Do you still find yourself a socially inept, dateless dude humping his own hand, even when I don’t call you a loser? Oh dear; this might just be your reality. Come join me in sinking into acceptance today
premature ejaculation verbal humiliation,mental domination,mind fuck,sissy training

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