starring Angela Sommers, Crystal Clark, and Christina Carter,
In our last installment of the Raquel saga, Raquel found herself badly beaten and humiliated by Crystal and Goldie in a foxy boxing league match. Surprisingly, Raquel and Crystal (who now goes by Apollo) are now a team: Raquel is training Apollo to be one of the world’s best female boxers! But when a powerful Russian boxer, Ivana Drago, challenges Apollo, Raquel is worried that her protege is not ready. Her fears prove to be well-founded, as Apollo is DESTROYED by the Russian powerhouse! When Raquel tries to intervene, she is knocked out and handcuffed to the ropes while Apollo is sexually humiliated! Can Raquel get revenge on Drago? Or will the Russian beat and sexually humiliate Raquel as well?? Boxing, face punches, breast punches, belly punches, lacing, beatdowns, knockouts, spankings, forced oral on a strapon, anal ravishing (softcore), and more!! 36 minutes.
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