She Ra Enslaved – Part 1

Golden tressed Superheroine She-Ra beams into the scene, on a search for the Key to the Universe. She thinks she’s found it when she finds a strange box, but when she opens it, she becomes mesmerized…and stands there stock still, staring straight ahead. In walks the black haired and statuesque Evil-lyn, her nemisis, who had left the trap for her. Evil-lyn laughs evilly, as she confronts her ensnared prey. She stokes her gently before collaring her, pulling her top down, and first revealing her golden orbs, and then cruelly attaching clamps to her sensitive nipples. Now She-Ra is completely at the mercy of her new Mistress…who holds her leash and with a magical wave transports them both to her lair. Evil-Lyn quickly puts her new slave to good use..forcing her to her knees and making lick her tall boots. She then decides to make herself more ‘comfortable’, so with a snap of her fingers, her purple suit disappears, leaving in place a tiny purple bikini that shows off Evil-lyn’s goddess-like body. Then She-Ra is forced to worship the flawless body of her new Mistress. She lavishes attention on Evil-lyn’s breasts, licking her nipples…and then as Evil-lyn reclines, still holding her slave by the leash, she commands She-Ra to worship her body. She-Ra starts on Evil-lyn’s inner thighs…and then moves to the center. Once there, she uses her tongue and fingers skillfully on Evil-lyn’s pussy until she brings her to a satisfying orgasm. Then the cruel Mistress leads Sher-Ra to a cage and locks her in with a spell, then leaves the desperate Superheroine alone to ponder her fate. What could Evil-lyn have in store next for her victim?
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